Nupik-Flo UK is owned by Nupik (Barcelona) and Flo (Italy). Acting as there official distributor of Nupik and Flo products across the UK and Ireland. Nupik and Flo have a long and successful history in vending and catering disposables manufacturing and provide their expertise through the UK office in these fields.

Nupik-Flo UK has been operating from its head office in East Grinstead for over 30 years and utilises the haulage and storage experise of Lenham Storage (Kent) to offer a superb distribution network. With over 1,500 pallets of stock covering the majority of the product ranges ensuring quality and consistent supply of products.

Nupik International – With its origins dating back to 1966, Nupik International are European market leaders in the manufacturing of plastic catering disposables. Nupik International are specialists in the production of polypropylene (PP) plastic tumblers.

Nupik factory BarcelonaConstant research in to the European market ensures that the needs of the modern consumer are catered for with products not only suitable for purpose but manufactured to the highest quality.

Nupik International’s head office is situated in Polinya, Barcelona, Spain. The Nupik manufacturing and storage site has grown with new warehousing and dispatch areas complete giving an increased 22,000m² footprint with a storage capacity of 27,000 pallets and up to 600 pallets available for dispatch at any one time. This fully automated warehousing system is a major investment for the future and of benefit to the company and its customers in enhancing the streamlined “right on time” logistics service available across Europe.

FLO S.p.a – Since it was founded in 1973, FLO has been able to grow and hold its own in the international market by offering a wide range of automatic vending cups, general drinking and catering disposables.

FLO’s head office is situated in Fontanellato, in the province of Parma, Italy. The factory occupies an area of 40,000 m2 of which over 15,000 m2 is covered.

Flo factory Parma ItalyAn additional 12,000 m2 are occupied by six peripheral warehouses that are able to guarantee a top level “right on time” logistics service with delivery throughout Europe within 7 days. An additional manufacturing facility is located in Ruitz, France and has been operating since 2004 supplying the majority of the Flo products destined for the UK market.

Annual production, exceeds 7 billion items and is distributed in Italy and also through its foreign subsidiary offices located in the U.K. (Nupik-Flo UK Ltd), France and Germany and through its exclusive distributors in all the EC and Eastern European countries.

Further multi-million Euro investments during 2010 through to 2012 saw Flo’s production capabilities increased along with further investment in a fully automated and environmentally controlled storage and distribution facility expanding storage capacity to 27,000 pallets in Italy. Additional investment has seen storage capacity in France rise to 11,000 pallet capacity.

Other company holdings

Nupik and Flo along with other strategic partners have expanded in to the disposables market purchasing and starting up new businesses across the sector. The latest acquisition in 2012 with Benders Paper Cups. Other companies in the Nupik and Flo group holdings are ISAP Packaging, Artpast, Pulp 5 and I&D as well as other smaller holdings.