Customer printed plastic cupsMany of our customers have already taken advantage of working with Nupik-Flo UK Ltd to either promote their business message, product or service through custom printing of our plastic or paper products.

With the ability to print up to six colours with virtual photographic quality on the majority of our products it enables businesses to extend their message to a much wider audience and enhance the recognition of their brand or service.

However it needn’t stop there as we’re specialists in embossing and custom packaging of our products, giving your logo or branding that extra lift or impact at the point of use or sale.

Custom printing needn’t be complicated or expensive but it should be noted that it is subject to volume requirements when printing at factory level. Our factories use the latest technologies to print on our products with on average 500 cups a minute being printed when running at full production speeds. Quite often the set-up time can take longer than printing the actual product.

Should you be looking for a smaller custom print run it needn’t be an issue. We’re working with an expanding group of custom printers in the UK that will happily work with us to quote you the best prices and get you the custom product you want.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details if custom printing is what you or your business has been looking for.

Wide selection of custom printed plastic cup options