Product and Material Traceability

Price and availability of course are important but above all else quality is the element that will keep customers coming back for products. All of our products and factories operate the strictest standards on quality and meet all current EU legislative laws on the manufacturing of products for food use.

Our production methods mean that human hands don’t get near the product whilst in production. Only once the product is sleeved is human intervention at times required. During all of our production runs products are taken for testing to check that they meet the strict high standards we and our customers expect from Nupik and Flo products. This ensures that if issues are found that the affected production run can be isolated with the minimum disruption.

All of our products can be traced back to their production date and raw material source should this be required.

Automatic Vending Cups Quality Control

In the case of automatic vending cups individual sleeves and cases are printed with time, date, machine and production run details ensuring that the highest full level traceability is possible from raw material to finished consumer unit. Our products undergo the strictest testing with six employees dedicated to quality control.

Over 3,000 checks a day are recorded on the production runs with 24 hours a day coverage. With over 4.5 billion vending cups a year produced our quality and dependability is essential to our customers.

Documentation detailing suitability for purpose and traceability on all our PS (Polystyrene) and PP (Polypropylene) products are available on request.